Марцинковський Володимир АльбіновичMartsynkovskyy Volodymyr Albinovych - Founder of the Department of General Mechanics and Dynamics of Machines, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, born in 1926. Head of the Department till 2014.

WikipediaIn 1957 he graduated from the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute in specialty "Dynamics and Strength of Machines". In 1974 he defended his doctoral thesis. In 1976 he received the rank of professor.

Martsynkovskyy V.A. - a famous scientist in the field of hydrodynamics, vibration reliability and sealing of machines, results of which are used in Ukraine and abroad.


After graduating from the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute he worked in a Hydraulic Laboratory Sciences Academy of Ukraine in Kharkiv. Since 1960 - Head of the experimental department SCB of Feed Pump. In 1964 he defended his PhD thesis. Since 1966 - Head of Department of General Subjects of Sumy branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute. Since 1972 - Head of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics of Sumy branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.

In 1974 he defended his doctoral dissertation, becoming the first in the history of Sumy PhD.

Founder of the International Scientific and Technical Conference "HERVICON", which is held every three years since 1976.

In 1986 he was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor". In 1977 - received the title of Honored Scientist of Ukraine.

In 1981 - the initiator of the opening of Branch Research Laboratory of the Ministry of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering.

For distinguishes in scientific and educational work professor Martsynkovskyy V.A. in 1997 was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine."

Author of 240 published scientific and educational works, many of which used as teaching work, including - lectures on the theory of vibrations of linear and nonlinear systems, air-hydromechanics, control theory, the foundations of operational calculus.

Founder of new discipline "Hermetic Mehanics" and special courses in hydrodynamics of throttled channels, automatic balancing devices of centrifugal machines, self-regulation mechanical seals, theoretical foundations of rotor seals, rotor vibration of centrifugal machines in the bearings and seals.

Under the guidance of Professor Martsynkovskyy V.A. defended 24 theses.

Volodymyr Albinovych is Head Editor of the Professional Journal "Bulletin of the Sumy State University" ("Engineering" series).


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