Ivan Pavlenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor, ING. PAED. IGIP, Vice-Dean for Research.

In 2003, has been graduated from Aerospace School "Universe" of the National Youth Aerospace Education Center of Ukraine (Dnipro), diplomas with honor.In 2003 he defended his thesis and awarded a junior specialist in the specialty "Chemical and Petroleum Engineering" with honor.Since 2005 - lecturer of Machine-Building College of SSU.In 2006 graduated from Sumy State University in specialty "Dynamics and Strength".In 2006 he received a MSc degree in the specialty "Dynamics and Strength" with honor.In 2006, he worked in Company "TRIZ" Ltd. (Sumy) as an engineer.In 2014 he defended a Ph.D. thesis "Increasing the Reliability of Automatic Balancing Devices for Centrifugal Machines" in specialty 05.02.09 - Dynamics and Strength of Machines.Since 2014 - a certified international engineering educator "ING. PAED. IGIP" (International Society of Engineering Pedagogy).Managing Editor of the "Journal of Engineering Sciences".Secretary of the Academic Council and Competitive Commission of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient TechnologiesMemberships:International Association of Engineers (IAENG, China)IGIP (Austria), EuroScience (France)IRED, CBC (USA);Universal Association of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers (New York, USA).Disciplines:Theory of Plates and ShellsDescriptive GeometryEngineering and Computer GraphicsNonlinear MechanicsResearch fields:Dynamics and Strength of MachinesNumerical SimulationIdentification of Parameters for Mechanical SystemsVR/AR TechnologiesArtificial Neural NetworksPersonal achievements:Awarded by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Fellowship for young scientists;Expert of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.Author of about 200 scientific and educational publications.Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.