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Volodymyr Martsynkovskyy Computational Mechanics Department


Speciality "Applied Mechanics"

Bachelor "Computational Engineering in Mechanics"

Master "Computational Mechanics"

Computer engineering is:

Technical training

Mathematical knowledge

Computer Science

Educational program "Computational Engineering in Mechanics" is one of the most knowledge-intensive and exciting in physical and mathematical sciences. Its primary purpose is to train specialists in modern computer technology to perform various engineering and scientific research, computer modelling, design, optimization, and machines calculation.

Educational program "Computational Mechanics" - special education in applied mechanics, mainly computer mechanics. The program is based on well-known scientific results, taking into account the current state of modern computer software for calculations of dynamics and strength, hermetic mechanics, heat and mass transfer and hydrodynamics, optimization and diagnosis of technical systems. Keywords: mechanics, strength, dynamics, hydro gas dynamics, numerical methods, modelling, optimization.

Students study

Design, principles of operation and physical processes of machines
Computer 3D design (CAD)
Computer simulation (CAE)
Modern programming languages
Systems of computer mathematics
Programs for collecting and processing the results of experiments

Academic mobility

Due to the close cooperation of the department with universities of other countries, students of educational programs "Computational Engineering in Mechanics" and "Computational Mechanics" in the program of academic mobility can study in foreign universities:

Terms of study

The Department of Computational Mechanics named after Volodymyr Martsynkovskyy is a graduate and trains specialists at three educational qualification levels.

Term of study:

  • Bachelor's degree - 4 years
  • Master's degree - 1 year and 4 months
  • Postgraduate studies - 4 years

Rules of admission

To join on the basis of secondary education requires:

  • External Evaluation Certificate in Ukrainian language and literature
  • External Evaluation Certificate in Mathematics
  • Certificate of testing physics or foreign language

Possible accession to the II and III courses after college.


Graduates of the specialization work successfully:

  • research engineers, researchers in research institutes, universities and laboratories;
  • managers and engineers in settlement departments and design bureaus of machine-building enterprises;
  • specialists in operation and maintenance of pumping and compressor equipment;
  • programmers in IT companies

Speciality review


Graduate feedback


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