Scientific work is focused on solving problems related to vibration reliability and tightness of centrifugal machines.

According to the results scientific work over the past five years, teachers of the department published 6 monographs and more than 70 scientific papers.

Research directions of the department:

  • Computer technologies in germetic mechanics and ensuring the reliability of machines
  • Computer diagnostics and prediction of reliability of machines

Hermetics mechanics is a unique discipline, introduced only in the Sumy State University.

Seals play a decisive role in ensuring reliability, efficiency and environmental safety of technical equipment in all industries from pumping sewage to ending nuclear power and space technology. Seals destruction is often major cause of man-made disasters.

Reliability of machines depends primarily on its vibration state, which determined by the action of the rotor fluid flows in channels of seals. Therefore hermetics mechanics and vibration reliability inextricably linked and complement each other. Considering this relationship is typical for scientific research of Department, the results of which have received wide international acclaim.