The Department was established in 1966 at the Sumy branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute as a section of theoretical mechanics in the department of general scientific disciplines.

In 1972 the section of theoretical mechanics had been transformed into an independent department. The head of the new department was Vladimir Albinovich Martsinkovskiy, who defended his doctoral dissertation in 1974 and in 1976 received the academic title of Professor. At that time, candidates of sciences, assistant professors Y.I. Krasilnikov, V.A. Hvorost, V. Simonovskiy, senior lecturer L.Y. Berezovskaya, assistants G.I. Fedorov, L.S. Kaftaryan, V.E. Churilova worked at the Department. Lecturers of the department delivered courses of theoretical mechanics to all specialities, as well as specific disciplines, such as “Automatic control theory”, “Special strength and vibration calculations”, “Applied theory of vibrations”, “Applied theory of elasticity”, “Fundamentals of the theory of reliability”.

Since the establishment of the Department, its employees studied the reliability and hermetic of vibration machines. A scientific school on this topic was formed under the guidance of Prof. V.A. Martsinkovsksy. In 1981 a research laboratory of vibration reliability and tightness in centrifugal machines of USSR Ministry of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering was established and proved achievements of the scientific school. In 1994 based on the industry research laboratory, the problem laboratory of vibration reliability and tightness of centrifugal machines was created.

In 1995 the Department of Theoretical Mechanics was renamed into the Department of General Mechanics and Dynamics of Machines.

Співробітники кафедри

First graduation specialty held in 1997.

Перший випуск спеціальності "Динаміка і міцність"

In 1999 the Department won the right to train Specialists and Magisters.

The Department maintains relationships with leading enterprises of the city and region.

ВНДІАЕНВАТ "Сумський завод "Насосенергомаш"ПАТ "СМНВО ім. М.В. Фрунзе"

The Department supports creative international scientific relations. It was signed agreements on scientific and educational cooperation with Universities of Technology in Gliwice, Kielce, Wroclaw.

Kielce University of Technology (Poland)

Technical University (Wroclaw, Poland)Silesian Technical Institute (Gliwice, Poland)

During the existence of the Department, its employees published 15 monographs, 25 textbooks, more than 400 scientific articles, received over 160 patents for inventions.

The Academic Council of SSU from 12.11.2020 and based on the order №0947-I from 26.11.2020  was decided from 01.12.2020 to rename the Department of General Mechanics and Dynamics of Machines to the Department of Computational Mechanics named after Volodymyr Martsynkovskyy.

The Department of Computational Mechanics named after Volodymyr Martsynkovskyy is a creative team, involved in the training of highly skilled professionals in a very important area of science and technic, interesting and necessary for technological progress and environmental protection.