During a business trip to France in the period from 09.10.19 to 19.10.19, the head of the Department of General Mechanics and Machines Dynamics, PhD tech Sciences Zahorulko Andriy and his deputy Lisovenko Dmytro took part in the conference of the 18th EDF-Prime Workshop (Paris) the main topic of which was the discussion of the results of bearings research and in the framework of a joint Ukrainian-French research project on "Reducing pollutant emissions substances with the help of energy-efficient sealing solutions "was visited by the Institute of Pi Prime of the University of Poitiers.

The results of experimental studies of end pulse seals, plain bearings, and the comparison of the obtained data with numerical calculations were discussed.


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The Department has close relationships with International Universities and Research Institutions in Poland: allows active mutually exchange of scientific achievements and also directly participate in Research Projects.

Due to close cooperation with Universities of Poland - Silesian Technical Institute (Gliwice), University of Technology (Kielce), Technical University (Wroclaw) - students in "Computer Mechanics" have the opportunity to participate in joint research projects and continue studying in these universities.

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